Top 10 Hispanic streamers for Q1 2023 | Streams Charts (2023)

Top 10 Hispanic streamers for Q1 2023 | Streams Charts (1)


As with other quarterly articles, Streams Charts has dug up the most watched Spanish-speaking streamers over the first quarter of 2023. These lists contain some of the most popular content creators globally, known for content ranging from gaming and simply chatting to commentary to philanthropy.

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Unsurprisingly heading the list isibai, the most-watched Spanish streamer and one of the most well-known names in the industry worldwide. The 28-year-old has also invested heavily in different fields, including the much-followed Kings League and esports organization KOI, both of which have benefitted from his fanbase and coverage of their activities. Considering his standing in the content creation business, readers can expect him to be atop such lists for years.

Next comesauronplay, another popular gaming creator who has amassed a large following across social media and streaming platforms. Such is his fame that the 34-year-old is the second most followed handle on Twitch, behind only the legendary Ninja. He is also one of the names behind the popular Minecraft and Squid Game amalgamation series,SquidCraft Twitch Rivals 2, which was held between February and March.

Third isElSpreen, a popular name in the Just Chatting sphere, who has also spent a lot of time playing games like Minecraft and Roblox. He is also the first non-Spaniard on this list, as the 22-year-old hails from Argentina, where he has become somewhat of a celebrity. This has helped him become one of the fastest-growing Twitch streamers in 2022.

Top 10 Hispanic streamers for Q1 2023 | Streams Charts (2)The male list of most watched Hispanic broadcasters for the first quarter of the year

Returning to Spanish content creators,IlloJuanis the next name on this list, and he has been busy playing a lot of Project Zomboid, the 2013 open-world isometric video game. The University of Malaga alum is another who is famous for his IRL content, and his promoted playthrough stream of the first two hours of the revamped Dead Space game from February is the only one from 2023 to make it to his list of most-watched all-time broadcasts.

Rounding off the top five is another famous Spanish name,TheGrefg, who has made a name for himself thanks to his sports-related streams. The 26-year-old — incidentally celebrating his birthday today — has written three books and released three songs, apart from owning an Icon Series skin in Fortnite. Perhaps the biggest example of his fame is the fact that he conducts one of the biggest streaming award shows for content creators from Spain, Latin America, and Andorra, the ESLAND Awards.


The next name is the odd one out, seeing as it belongs to Mexican PresidentAndrés Manuel López Obradorand is the only entry from YouTube on this list. The channel is pretty active, keeping the country’s citizens informed about its leaders’ various activities and any updates in policies and rules.

The next three entries on this list form part of the core of the biggest Spanish streamers across the world today, having contributed hugely to the market's influence in the industry.Rubius,ElMariana, andjuansguarnizoare three of the most followed Twitch streamers today, with the middle name in 15th and the other two in the top 10.

Last but not least iselxokas, one of the many Hispanic content creators who grew exponentially in 2022. He is known for his variety of content, including Just Chatting and League of Legends, and an unfiltered personality that has not always been to the liking of fans and the social media world at large.

Top 10 Hispanic streamers for Q1 2023 | Streams Charts (3) The male list of most popular Hispanic broadcasters for the first quarter of the year

When it comes to the most popular Spanish-speaking broadcasters, many of the names above make an appearance on this list as well for reasons already outlined. The one that stands out immediately is the topper, TheGrefg, who was twice more popular than the second-placed entry. His peak viewership came during the ESLAND Awards, where ibai clinched the Streamer of the Year award for the second straight year, while his boxing tournament, La Velada del Año II, got the Event of the Year award.

There are also four new names who worked equally hard to make their presence known in the market.Shadoune666is a Spanish Twitch streamer who is famous for his Minecraft content. In fact, the 26-year-old finished second in the recent Squid Craft Games 2 (Survival Cup), where he was the streamer with the highest concurrent viewership, and this feat helped him ease into the third position on this list.

The only two YouTube entries,El Rincón De GiorgioandDjMaRiiO, take up the seventh and tenth positions. The former, known for his entertaining content reacting and discussing clips online, got into the top ten thanks to streaming an MMA event called Dogfight Wild Tournament. The latter, a sports-focused content creator, owed his high ranking to broadcasting the Kings League match between Ultimate Mostoles and Saiyans FC.

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Another Twitch name,Roier, comes in eighth, thanks mostly to his broadcast of the SquidCraft Twitch Rivals 2 Final. The Mexican is another who focuses a lot on gaming content, especially Minecraft, apart from spending time chatting with and getting to know his audience.

Top 10 Hispanic streamers for Q1 2023 | Streams Charts (4) The female list of most watched Hispanic broadcasters for the first quarter of the year

Coming to the women’s side, the most watched and popular streamer over the first quarter of 2023 isrivers_gg. This well-known Mexican was watched twice more than any other content creator, having been one of the two females to appear in the list of ten fastest-growing Twitch streamers in 2022. She is popular for her Call of Duty gameplay broadcasts, aside from also playing a lot of Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto V.

Second isvickypalami, a gaming creator who favors shooting titles like Valorant and Apex Legends, thanks to her past as a pro in the latter. The Mexican also plays GTA V and Minecraft and is big on IRLs, which has been her busiest genre over the past month. For those unaware, she is also a fan of softball, a version of baseball involving larger balls, smaller fields, and only underhand pitches.

IJenzis next on this leaderboard, thanks to her Just Chatting and ASMR content, the latter of which has become quite the trend on Twitch. For someone who only started streaming during the COVID-19 pandemic‘s lockdown era, her channel has grown a lot in a short time. The Spaniard is also a cosplayer and uses Twitter to announce any upcoming streams and to advertise her merchandise.

In fourth place isBiyin_, the Valorant fan who has slowly risen up the popularity charts over the past few years. The Spain national also made these lists across 2022, showing that she continues to attract viewers and grow as a broadcaster. She is also the long-time girlfriend of auronplay, with whom she has appeared numerous times on stream.

Completing the top five lineup is one of the female Twitch stars of 2022,AriGameplays, who is another to divide her time between the Just Chatting genre and playing various games like Roblox and Fortnite. She remains popular enough to be the third-most followed female Twitch star ever and the most-followed one for Q1 2023.

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Taking the sixth position isNissaxter, who almost exclusively streams League of Legends content, including games of Spanish sides like KOI. Following her isAkuASMR, an ASMR content creator who has managed to gain a good following thanks to her active status on social media sites, thus completing a clean sweep for Twitch on this list.

Three names who share their time between gaming content and Just Chatting take up residence at the bottom of this table.Staryuuki,CrystalMolly, andIamCristininiare also known to delve into games like Resident Evil 4, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and The Last of Us Part I.

Top 10 Hispanic streamers for Q1 2023 | Streams Charts (5) The female list of most popular Hispanic broadcasters for the first quarter of the year

The list of most popular Hispanic female streamers, too, has lots of repeated names from the above leaderboard. The first new name is in the fifth position, taken up bylittleragergirl, another gaming creator who spends time Just Chatting with her viewers. She is especially fond of Valorant and LoL, her two favorite topics when broadcasting.

Sixth is the YouTube star from Peru,RoxiCake Gamer, who seems to prefer Roblox a lot if her recent activity is anything to go by. She is also the only representative for the red platform on this table.

The seventh, eighth, and ninth spots are taken up by variety creatorsaroyitt,deargia, andelisawaves, respectively. Apart from Just Chatting, these broadcasters have indulged in the Food & Drink genre, Among Us, and Music, providing audiences with multiple choices in the content on the Amazon-owned site.

Most Popular Spanish-speaking / Hispanic Streamers in Q1 2023:

Streamer name
Number of hours watched
Andrés Manuel López Obrador


Top 10 Hispanic streamers for Q1 2023 | Streams Charts? ›

As of April 2023, the most-followed channel belongs to Ninja with over 18.5 million followers. The female streamer with the most followers on her channel is Pokimane with just over half of Ninja's followers at 9.3 million.

Who is the biggest Twitch streamer 2023? ›

As of April 2023, the most-followed channel belongs to Ninja with over 18.5 million followers. The female streamer with the most followers on her channel is Pokimane with just over half of Ninja's followers at 9.3 million.

Who is the biggest Latin streamer? ›

Streamers with the most viewers
Total Followers
40 more rows

Who is the famous Spanish Twitch streamer? ›

Osvaldo “ElMariana” Flores, who boasts 6.4 million followers on Twitch, says he gets a small but steady stream of criticism. In the US, he says, Twitch streamers' fans might express support and admiration when they show off a new car or house.

Who is the fastest growing Twitch streamer? ›

Channels with gained the most followers in the past 30 days.
30 more rows

Who is the best Mexican gamer? ›

In 2022, Emilio Leynez, known professionally by his alias Geometrics, was the leading eSports player in Mexico according to annual earnings. That year, Geometrics earned roughly 226 thousand U.S. dollars from professional gaming, about 100 thousand more than second-placed Mexican eSports player Slothy.

Who is the biggest Puerto Rican streamer? ›

Ironmouse is a Puerto Rican-American VTuber, singer and live streamer. Active since 2017, she is a founding member of the VTuber group VShojo launched in 2020.
Total views55.39 million
Creator Awards 100,000 subscribers 2020
Last updated: April 4, 2023
15 more rows

Is Twitch big in Mexico? ›

Still, Twitch has a significant lead in the Mexican race. And that lead only widened when Twitch announced localized sub pricing for Mexico. As of 2021, subscriptions there are priced at just 48 pesos, or roughly $2.40.

Who is the number 1 girl Twitch? ›

Most popular female Twitch streamers in 2022
PlaceNameHours Watched
1 more row
Jul 19, 2022

Why are Spanish streamers so popular? ›

Well, Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world with 534 million speakers around the globe. This means they have a big public to which they can appeal. Another factor that plays into this is that Spanish people, in general, prefer to watch Spanish-speaking content over English content.

Who is the Hispanic female Twitch streamer? ›

Alicia Gonzáles Zeling, is a popular Spanish streamer on Twitch, who became known for her entertaining League of Legends sessions. Thanks to her persistence on the platform, she has won the hearts of 532 thousand followers.

Who was the highest paid streamer? ›

Earnings from Top Twitch Streamers
  1. PewDiePie. PewDiePie earns an estimated $40 million in revenue. ...
  2. Ninja. Richard Tyler Blevins is the guy behind the Ninja channel. ...
  3. Shroud. Canadian Michael Grzesiek is the player behind Shroud, with an estimated revenue of about $22 million. ...
  4. TimTheTatMan. ...

Who are the top 5 richest streamers? ›

10 of the richest Twitch streamers and what their success can...
  • TimTheTatman (Timothy John Betar) ...
  • xQc (Felix Lengyel) ...
  • summit1g (Jaryd Russell Lazar) ...
  • Tfue (Turner Tenney) ...
  • Ludwig (Ludwig Ahgren) ...
  • AuronPlay (Raúl Álvarez Genes) ...
  • Nickmercs (Nick Kolcheff) ...
  • DrLupo (Benjamin Lupo) Twitch followers: 4.5 million.
Feb 2, 2023

What is the top 1 percent of Twitch streamers? ›

If you average about 20 viewers per stream, you're roughly in the top 1% of all streamers on Twitch. In reality, being in the top 1% of any field is amazing. Being top 1% on Twitch is amazing too!

Who is the oldest big Twitch streamer? ›

Japanese gamer (and grandmother) Hamako Mori has been announced as the world's oldest official game streamer.

Which Twitch streamer makes the most money per hour? ›

RanbooLive has Twitch's Highest 'Hourly Wage'

For example, a doctor earns $35.90/hour on average. They would need to work 67 hours to match what Ranboo earns from an hour of streaming. Looked at another way, in the time it takes Ranboo to earn $35.90, a doctor earns just 54 cents. And that's for a doctor.

Who is the 21 year old Twitch streamer? ›

At 21 years old, Kai Cenat has officially broken the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform's all-time subscriber record, topping two other creators.

What is the longest Twitch stream while awake? ›

Twitch streamer GPHustla was live, with a single uninterrupted broadcast, for 634 days. This is the longest solo livestream on Twitch. Unfortunately, his channel was suspended indefinitely, ending the broadcast.

Who is Twitch top 1 streamers? ›

Top Twitch Streamers by Hours Watched
  • xQc. Minecraft. 12.6M.
  • Gaules. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 11.4M.
  • ESL_CSGO. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 10.8M.
  • loltyler1. League of Legends. 7.7M.
  • loud_coringa. Grand Theft Auto V. 6.8M.
  • ibai. Minecraft. 6.7M.
  • tarik. Valorant. 6.5M.
  • KaiCenat. Grand Theft Auto V. 6.3M.

Who is the number 3 Twitch streamer? ›

Twitch Streamers with the most followers
Total Views
41 more rows


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